Combating the DRE - a class I am teaching for PaCDL

I am teaching a class to fellow members of the Pennsylvania Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers in Pittsburgh on Friday, February 5, 2016. The topic is "Combating the DRE" which relates to Drug Recognition Evaluations. The class is part of an entire day of continuing legal education being provided to PaCDL members in western Pennsylvania. I was honored to be asked to present the topic to such a great group of defenders of liberty.

The subject matter -- drug recognition evaluations and their use in the criminal prosecution of drivers -- is one that is of intense interest to me. While I want to drive on safe roads (along with my family, friends, and neighbors), I want to make sure that innocent drivers are not swept up unintentionally by efforts to combat drivers impaired by drugs.

Factors such as age, fatigue, mental health, and legitimate, non-impairing prescription medications can confound DRE evaluations tests and create errors in what they claim to measure. Educating members of the defense bar is an important step in helping to make sure that innocent people doing nothing illegal are less likely to be convicted and sentenced based on a claim that they were high and driving dangerously.

If you have a case that involves a charge of DUI because you were using prescription medications, please call me at (717) 848-8455 to set up a free consultation to discuss your case. While many lawyers claim to be familiar and experienced with DUI law, prescription drug cases are very different than a more conventional alcohol-related DUI case.