Information about DUI cases in York County

jng_bookshelf.PNGYou have been arrested for a DUI in York County, Pennsylvania, or you have received papers in the mail saying you have been charged with a DUI. What do you need to know immediately?

  1. You should talk to a lawyer ASAP. Attorney Gothie offers free, in-office consultations for York County cases. Call us at (717) 848-8455 to set one up.
  2. Your prior record will have a major impact on what consequences you face.
  3. The facts and circumstances of your particular case can make a big difference in what jail or license suspension time you are facing.
  4. You can begin to do things right now to help yourself, but the longer you wait, the less you can help yourself.

Each DUI case is different, and each has "wrinkles" that may not exist in other cases. Still, there are broad patterns that depend on a few things.  Let's look at some of the factors and circumstances that our attorneys need to know about before we can even begin to help you:

  1. I have no prior DUI convictions or ARDs, and there was no accident and I was cooperative with the police.
  2. I am interested in the ARD program for first DUI offenses (and some second offenses).
  3. I was pulled over while driving and I was charged with DUI.
  4. I refused to give a blood sample for testing and was charged with DUI.
  5. I got a DUI in York County, Pennsylvania, but I don't live anywhere near York.
  6. I have a prior DUI, including ARDs or out of state DUI charges, including PBJs from Maryland.
  7. I have a prior record for other criminal cases.
  8. There was an accident, but nobody was hurt.
  9. I was charged with DUI, but I did not drink alcohol.
  10. I was charged with DUI is for using prescription drugs.
  11. I was in an accident and someone else was hurt.
  12. I was in an accident and someone else was killed.
  13. I have a commercial driver's license (even if DUI is not in a commercial vehicle).
  14. I used marijuana and it was in my blood but I wasn't high. This happens more often than you think, and it is wrong.
  15. I have a professional license, like a nursing license, real estate license, engineer's license, etc.
  16. I wasn't driving my car when I was arrested or charged for DUI. My car was parked, or I was at home when the police showed up, or I was at the scene of accident and the police came later.
  17. I am not a U.S. citizen and I was charged with DUI.

There are other fact patterns, too. Fact patterns can be combined in one case. It all can get really complicated very quickly.

You can begin to see why our attorneys always want to sit down with you to learn about your facts, your case, and find out what we can do to help you.

Call Gothie Law Firm to schedule your free, initial in-office consultation where we can work through these facts and give you some thoughts based on what matters in your case. Call (717) 848-8455 to set up your appointment.