Updated YorkDUI.com website: why change things now?

jng-bw.jpgI've run a website at YorkDUI.com for many years now. I'm on my third iteration of the site, having moved through three separate content management systems. I finally made the move this time (September 2015) after months of looking for a good option to replace the old Word Press site that had outlived its useful life about two years ago. The reasons why I changed the website this month are important and they speak to the nature of the law practice I run, the one I want to run, and the service I want to provide to all of you.

First, this move is about reaching those of you who use phones more than computers. That is more and more of you. My old website was horrible on a phone, and I had to fix it to make sure it would have some relevance to new clients and to my existing ones.

I needed to be able to provide more services through my website. The demand for my time has increased from my clients as my practice has grown. Compared to this time in 2014, I have about twice as much business as I did a year ago. I like to think that a growth level of that kind is a reflection of the quality of my work, my referral network that trusts me, and the word of mouth that, in combination with my advertising, allows me to meet and help so many people in York County.

Success has its costs, however, and increasing demands on my time make me constantly look for ways to continue to be a connected and effective advocate for all of you. I want to make our communications more efficient but retain the same personal touch that you get.

I know that when I am in court, people are still trying to reach me. And on weekends and evenings when I need to recharge, I know people still need help.

That's where the power of a program like Nationbuilder comes in. Nationbuilder is the "back end" of my new website, and it will allow me to work with you more continuously. When clients hire me, they will get accounts on my website to allow them access to proprietary information and materials to help us work together on their case and to do it even when I may not be in my office.  That's the goal - to be able to do more, to do it better, and to do it at times that are more convenient for all of us.

I have told most of you at the time you hired me something to the effect of, "Thank you for your trust."

What I have been working on in revamping the website is designed to maintain that level of trust and to continue to earn it from you and from all the other folks who come through my door just as many of you did initially: unsure, scared, and upset.  All of you deserve the best I can give you, and I want nothing more than to be able to work with you to help you as much as I can.

Thank you again for trusting me with something so important in your life, and I hope that the new website can be another tool I can use to make this process better and easier and more convenient for you.