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jng-at-desk.PNGMy name is Joseph Gothie. I am a lawyer. Much of the work I do is on DUI cases in York County, Pennsylvania.

I've represented thousands of clients over the years in (mostly) DUI cases and criminal cases. Almost all of them were in York County. I was licensed as a lawyer in 1997, and I have been practicing law in York County, Pennsylvania since 1999. I've taught judges and fellow defense lawyers about DUI. Experience matters. Local experience matters even more.

Attorney Diana Spurlin, joined my office in February 2016 after several years with the York County District Attorney's Office. As a prosecutor Diana handled all types of criminal cases, from DUI to child rape and almost everything in between. Because of this experience, Diana possesses a unique insight into what "the other side" is likely thinking about your case, which she uses to your advantage when representing you.

When people are visiting this site, they are upset and scared. They are unsure about what is going to happen to their lives. When we meet with them, we usually find out that their biggest fear is "the unknown." That uncertainty and fear is the first thing we want to help you with. We do that by giving you useful information based on what happened in your case. Then we can start to work together to make things better.

We want to educate you and help you. To do that, we need to learn about you and your case. We can give you all kinds of DUI information on a website, but that doesn't take the place of advice and ideas based on an understanding of your personal circumstances. Honestly, lots of facts and charts on a website are probably just as confusing as they are potentially helpful.

This is why Gothie Law Firm offers free, in-office consultations. Call us at (717) 848-8455 to set one up. Let us get to know you, your case, and then we can tell you what we can do to help you. You can decide if you think we are the right fit for you, too.

We do not go with a "hard sell" at consultations. Mostly, we want to learn about your case and explain to you what you need to be doing to begin to fight your charge or to fix things. After you hear us out, you can decide if it is worth it to you to hire us.

We look forward to hearing from you and to bringing our experience and training to bear to help you right now.

If you need some basic guidance right now, you should start here.

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