The_GLF_Team.PNGYou can reach Attorney Joseph Gothie, Attorney Diana Spurlin, or their assistant, Shelley, in the following

Some advice on communication:

  • To reach an attorney by phone, please call the office and ask for them.
    • If they are unavailable, please ask Shelley to set up a "phone appointment" with them so they can commit to talking to you at a set time and have your file ready for review.
    • This short-circuits "phone tag" and results in far less phone frustration.
  • Email is an excellent way to reach Attorney Gothie, Attorney Spurlin or Shelley.
    • The attorneys are frequently in court or traveling to or from court.
    • When the attorneys are in the office, they are frequently in meetings or on the phone.  
    • While in court and waiting for client cases to be called, they can often return an email when a phone call would not be possible.

The office is generally open from 9 - 5 from Monday through Friday, excepting court holidays and occasional vacations. If you are planning on stopping by, it is highly recommended that you call first to make sure someone will be in the office to assist you.